Friday, 14 June 2013

Skypefall: Craig MacTavish Tried to Fire Ralph Krueger Via Text Before Resorting to Skype

Edmonton Oilers GM Craig  MacTavish caused a huge controversy when he fired head coach Ralph Krueger over Skype on Thursday June 6th.

Speaking of the firing, Krueger reportedly said that he "definitely did not see it coming" and that he was completely blind-sided by MacTavish's decision.

I have, however, found some texts sent between MacTavish and Krueger that suggest the Oilers GM repeatedly tried to tiptoe around the issue before finally giving up on his (often passive-aggressively) subtle approach and inviting Krueger to talk via Skype.

Sure, MacTavish should have been more upfront about his decision, but can Krueger say that he was caught off guard given what had been said between him and his former employer prior to the official firing?

Here's a sampling of those texts, which began shortly after MacTavish's replacement of Steve Tambellini as Oilers GM and concluded on the day of the notorious Skype session.

Shortly after the firing of Steve Tambellini and hiring of Craig MacTavish as Oilers GM

Part 1 Congrats

Late April: MacTavish tries to persuade Krueger to rejoin his former colleagues 

Part 2 Drafting CEOs

Early May (NOTE: Octane Girls are the Edmonton Oilers' resident cheerleaders)

Part 3 Octane Girls

Mid May: MacTavish tries a direct approach for the first time

Part 4 Continental Drift as the Oilers Narrative

Late May: MacTavish tries to trick Krueger into relinquishing his post as head coach

Part 5 Quilt

Early June: MacTavish tries to avoid the issue by simply evicting Krueger from his office in the Oilers' arena (Rexall Place)

Part 6 Door Problems

June 6: MacTavish gives up the indirect approach and fires Krueger face-to-face (via Skype)

Part 7 Break Up

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