Sunday, 30 June 2013

Draft Blog!

I'm live blogging the draft today! Hopefully this event offers as much humour as the Trade Deadline did!

1:05PM: Gary Bettman responds to boos from the crowd by saying that he loves the energy in the room. He could have made an awesome heel in professional wrestling!

1:09PM: Anyone else hoping that Colorado throws us all for a loop and drafts a fictitious Japanese player from the fictitious Japanese team (The Katanas)?

1:10PM: Wait, did the Newark crowd boo Joe Sakic when he thanked Lou Lamoriello? They really do like being the Devils' advocates!

1:12 PM: Apparently the Avalanche thought that the Leafs' idea of creating hostility at every position is the best way to move forward with the organization. The Avs have so many centres, they should call themselves the Colorado Chakras.

1:16 PM: Wow, Tallon has incorporated the soul of brevity.

1:17PM: Seth Jones breathes a sigh of relief as he won't have to explain what hockey is and how it's his career to residents of Sunshine, Florida.

1:19PM: Anyone want to take bets on which player Pierre McGuire will freak out over the most when a team passes him up?

1:20PM: Kudos to whomever arranged for Live's "Lightning Crashes" to play right when Tampa Bay's turn to pick came.

1:21PM: When Steve Yzerman became GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning, he made it clear that he wasn't interested in defence. While I don't agree with his position and his decision not to draft Seth Jones, I have to admire him for standing by that resolution.

1:24PM: Unless a T-Rex is about to save Drouin from hungry raptors, it's entirely inappropriate to play the Jurassic Park theme at the NHL Draft.

1:25 PM: I do, however, hope that someone plays the Jurassic Park theme at the NBA draft whenever Toronto loses out on a top prospect.

1:29PM: So far consistency has been the biggest winner at the draft: the Avs add another centre, the Bolts continue to neglect defence, and the Preds pick another d-man.

1:31 PM: Why did James Duthie remind an already disappointed Seth Jones that he not only didn't go 1st overall in the draft but also lost the Memorial Cup this year? Will TSN follow up that interview by informing Jones during the post-draft interviews that his hamster died?

1:39PM: I'd like to think that the Newark crowd is applauding Jay Feaster's statement on the 2013 Alberta Floods to show support for flood victims. However, based on how they have booed everything else, I wonder if they're actually cheering for the Bow and Elbow Rivers that started the whole ordeal for the province.

1:42PM: Calgarians breath a collective sigh of relief as Jay Feaster makes a decent (if unsurprising) pick.

1:45 PM: I don't know if we're ready to live in a world where both of Alberta's NHL teams draft wisely. Am I watching a bizarro draft?

1:55PM: Unexpected side effect of the #nhlDraft: remembering (after months of only watching playoff teams) all the cities that have NHL franchises.

"When did Nashville get a team again? Did the league have to give them a franchise because it lost a bet?"

1:59PM: The RCMP has been called in to investigate reports that the Vancouver Canucks have been robbed by some gang from New Jersey.

2:03PM: Anyone want to co-write a script for a buddy cop movie starring Luongo and Torts as #Canucks by day and private investigators by night?

2:04 PM: Wow, Canucks just shut me up by using that pick acquired for Schneider by getting an outstanding player. I'm a big fan of Bo Horvat.

2:14PM: Not many people are viewing the blog, so I'm going to switch to live tweeting the event. Follow me: @RinkRover

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