Friday, 31 May 2013

The Legend of Zelda: Link Takes the Rink! Friday Photo Contest 4

It`s time once again for a Friday Photo contest!

Last week`s picture garnered a lot of attention from people who had suppressed the memory of Casey Jones' premeditated murder of the Shredder. Most contributions were of the "tell me that didn't actually happen!" variety.

Nevertheless, there was one caption that seemed to capture the picture best. Thanks to Judith Hoag for providing the winning caption, which reminds us that Casey Jones wasn't just a lackadaisical murderer but a chauvinist creep to boot!

Ref: Sorry Jones, you're too much man on the ice. Now go off to the penalty box.
Jones: Lead the way, toots.
Ref: Toots?
Jones: Babe? Sweetcakes? Ah--princess! You wanna throw me a clue here?

Now here's this week's caption-worthy photo!

Suggested caption: "Hyrule? More like I rule!"

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