Thursday, 30 May 2013

Brief Special Announcement and Special Thanks

There's been a lull at the blog recently because I've just taken up the invitation to contribute posts to The Hockey Writers!

I want to thank everyone who regularly or casually checks out this site. Your support and encouragement has helped me tremendously as I've worked toward the goal of convincing a website that actually makes money to feature my work.

Pardon me for gushing here, but it's not every day that I get to live out dreams that I mused over when I was 13. Sure, I haven't developed mutant powers at the onset of adolescence as I had hoped, so I never did get an invitation to join the X-Men.

But getting the chance to focus on writing (my back-up plan back then) still offers some cause for celebration! (However, I'm still not entirely giving up on my dream of developing superpowers no matter what my guidance counselors and financial-aid officers have said to the contrary in the past.)

   I hoped to combine the powers and abilities of Wolverine AND Archangel. It could still happen....

Anyway, if you haven't already, please check out my first post on I'll repost my material from that site on this blog at a later date.

Also, I will continue to post new material on this blog (albeit with less frequency than I did before). I'll put together a posting schedule shortly.

Again, thanks for reading! I hope that you'll continue to do so!

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